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All packages include End of Year W2’s, Tax Reporting, Full Employee Mobile App (includes Paystubs, W2, And Time & Attendance Record), Full Digital Time Clock Management, State & Federal Compliance.  

(Additional Employees at $7.95 a month)

(Optional $2 per pay card -one time fee)

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Your Clover Payroll Basic Package Includes

Simply make your time clock edits and instantly upload your payroll in mins. 

Keep your employees honest with Clover Payrolls facial recognition. Simply create your schedule and your employees to clock in and out on time with no hassles. 

Let your employees instantly access PayStubs, W2’s, and Time & Attendance records right from their phone. Allowing you to avoid hunting or ordering documents upon request.

For your employees who don’t have a bank accounts issue them a Clover Payroll Pay Card allowing them to access their pay from ATM’s Wal Mart, CVS and 1000’s of other locations around the world. Allow your employees instant access to their money with direct deposit or receive a pay check as soon as next day with Clover Payroll. 

Schedule your employees and budget your payroll in mins. Have a regular schedule for everyone? No worries copy your favorite scheduling template in mins.  

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